Friday, September 5, 2008


by Stan C. Countz
You tried to keep it real no matter how you might feel personally
But it was worse for me; I thought I knew the drill
I thought I knew how you would feel about you and me
So I tried to be content to see you socially
I loved you spiritually and emotionally

You sat in front of me in math
You made me smile and laugh
I liked you as soon as I met you
I knew that I’d never forget you

Don’t know why I let you
Get under my skin
But I did; I let you in
And that was the beginning of the end

But I never had the guts to tell you to your face
How I wish I could have told you
How much I wanted to touch and hold you
To try to make and mold you into someone who
Would love me as much as I loved you

But you never really knew how I felt
‘Til the last hand was dealt and you knelt by my side
You bowed your head out of respect and softly cried
I felt your heart melt instead of swell with pride

When you read the note I left behind
It read “I’ll always love you forever
Or at least until the end of time.”
And you discovered how much
I wanted you to be mine

It must’ve been blind luck or fate
I wanted to ask you for a date
The first time I ever met you
I fell for you, hook, line and sinker
You had me wrapped around your finger

Don’t know why I let you get under my skin
But I could never get up the nerve to let you in
I had hoped you would begin to notice me
I knew instinctively I could never deserve you

I still believe we could’ve made a great team
Now we can only be together in our dreams
We could’ve been great together
But now, it seems, it’s too late

Now all you can do is read this letter
And pray that I’m in a better place
And weep for what will never be
And pray I’ll find His grace and peace

But don’t cry for me ’cuz I’ll love you for all eternity
Or until we see each other again
Can you find a place inside you
Can you think of me as your friend?
Someone who is there to guide you?
Who’ll stick with you ‘til the bitter end?

It’s a shame we never became friends
We never came together
While I was alive and well
But my love for you will last forever
Beyond the grave and hell

So be brave ‘cuz who can really tell?
Maybe one day we’ll be together again
Maybe we’ll be more than just friends
When one door closes another opens

Didn’t want to sound like a clown or two-bit liar
I thought I found a way to encourage and inspire
But I’m afraid all I did was take the easy way out
If I’d been brave I’dve faced my fears and doubts

And not tried to run away from them
Instead I should’ve used my head
Or so said the mystery letter writer
And it was signed in red
Yours truly, Your secret admirer

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